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Our mission at Castle Automotive Group is to become one of the largest privately held groups. We believe in our people and creating a culture for them to learn, grow and succeed with a career in automotive. We understand todays needs of the automotive industry and the resources and technology needed to achieve our mission.

LIVE your dreams

Castle Automotive Group is an equal opportunity employer

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JOIN OUR Mission

We are a proud team of over 800 team members from our corporate headquarters to our 9 new car dealership across Illinois and Indiana. Our people are our most valued asset and we have an extreme focus on helping them succeed. We live by our mission and values to keep an open workplace where everyone is encouraged to use their skills and talents to contribute to an advanced and passionate workplace.

If you are an automotive professional or want to start a career in automotive retail join our team of service technicians, service advisors, parts specialists, store/department management, sales professionals, finance management, customer service representatives and many other position opportunities.


We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality customer service through transparent services with a team that adapts to new technologies.


We aim to bring cutting edge technology and an innovative mind set to the auto industry to make the customer experience simple.

What Matters to us.

We care about taking the skills and knowledge you have and helping you grow professionally and personally. At Castle we have employees from a variety of backgrounds and experiences with a common goal to grow and develop. 

Expert Engineers

Whether you are an Auto Tech or an Inventory Associate you'll collaborate with a team of experts in your field.

Experience Skills​

Enhance your skills with a knowledgable and skilled team to help you grow your career.

Low Cost

With a large network of partners we use top quality tools and technology in the most efficient ways.

Guarantee Services​

We treat everyone with respect and integrity that we work with in every department.

Trusted Work​

With the top quality team members in the auto industry our work and service is guaranteed and consistent.

High Quality​

We are always looking for ways to invest in the highest quality tools and technology to help you in your position.

Castle Automotive Group

We believe in creating and sustaining a culture of learning and advancement in this technology driven society. We are continuously looking for ways to stay ahead of the industry and provide simple solutions to customers that help our business grow and your career advance. Get connected with us today to learn more!
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