Castle Subaru’s Contribution To Hannah’s Hope Initiatives

Castle Automotive Group is honored to announce Castle Subaru’s contribution to Hannah’s Hope initiatives with a $22,650 check. Based out of Northwest Indiana, Hannah’s Hope started in honor of Hanna Martinez. Hannah’s Hope is a non-profit which provides developmental equipment to kids with special needs and connects families by making life and communities more easily accessible.

At Castle Subaru, we work with families all over the Northwest Indiana area and we recognize how important it is to contribute to the children and families of our community. Children with special needs require more developmental equipment for life and education support, this group supplies these expensive resources while also focusing on connecting the outside community to the lives of these respective families.

“It’s actually very heartwarming. We are truly blessed to be linked up with [Castle Subaru],” said Mary Martinez, Co-Founder of Hannah’s Hope with her husband Mike Martinez. “They’ve been amazing supporters of our mission and we’ve used a lot of the funds to help build our playground. That was a huge goal for us, and we saved for such a long time, so for them to continue to choose Hannah’s Hope as their hometown charity for the Share the Love event is very special. We feel very honored to be chosen by them when there are a lot of great charities in our area.”

Our team is so proud to support such an inspiring mission and look forward to working more with Hannah’s Hope in the future. Hannah continues to inspire us every day with her vision to help other kids that have special needs. Our team is grateful to be a part of such an important cause like Hannah’s Hope.

“We’ve had a really good relationship for the past four years. We try to give back to the community in a bunch of different ways, and [Hannah’s Hope] …has made a very good difference,” said Mike Guistolisi, General Manager of Castle Subaru in Portage.

To learn more about Hannah’s Hope and Castle Subaru’s contribution please visit Share The Love Program for more information and the impacts we have made on the Indiana community.

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